We will always remember

Waleed J. Iskandar

On September 11, 2001 At 8:46 a.m. EDT American Airlines Flight 11 out of Boston, Massachusetts was hijacked with our beloved son Waleed aboard.
The hijackers crashed it into the north tower of the World Trade Center

The length of time that has passed since the death of our son Waleed

  "Here is a talented and successful young man who went so early to meet his LORD"

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* CV of  Waleed
* Achievements of  Waleed.
* More about Waleed ( His favorite food, His favorite music and His Photos. )
* Biography of Waleed ( a Journal written by friends, colleagues and family members )
* More Photos of Waleed.

      Broken Heart    (By a bereaved father last update 01/01/2014)

      The Waleed Iskandar Fellowship Fund   (Harvard University )

      The Waleed Iskandar Memorial Fund   (Stanford University )

      Waleed Iskandar Memorial Scholarship  (Our Lady of Lourdes School )

When our son died, each minute of the day I used to ask myself “WHY?”
But I could find no answer.
Then I turned to God and asked him:
“Since there is no answer to my WHY, please show me "HOW" to say goodbye?”
God listened to me, And He showed me "HOW?"
HE showed me HIS way!

"To be alone with the love of God is the only way to find life again."