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When The Saints...


Back Row L To R: Mary, Patsy, Eileen ( George's Wife ), Lala

Front Row L to R:Janie,Bettyan,Pat with Kevin,Jim with Jimmy,Michael


1999 Pat's 85th Birthday

Back Row L To R: Janie, Lala, Patsy, Kevin, Eileen, Mary

Front Row L To R: Sister Mary Michael, Pat, Bettyan


Front Row:Pat,Sister Mary Michael,Mary,Bettyan,Lala

Back Row:Patsy,Kevin,Janie

The Grand Kids

Front Row: Left To Right: Shawna, Eileen, Molly

Middle Row: Left To Right: Doug, Erin, Catie Holding Hannah, Grandma Pepper, Michael Holding Maxwell

Meaghan Holding Marissa, Brian

Back Row: Left To Right: John, Stevie, Carl, Ryan, Andrew, Greg, Danny, Jimmy, Patrick

August 1998. Pepper Camp On Allegheny River. Clinton Township. Pennsylvania


The Kids On A Picnic


Shawna Pepper-High School Graduate 2000